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Character is destiny.

Character is a gift that one gives to themselves which can never be taken from one. Character is the very core of one’s happiness and Virtue is the cornerstone of that character. 

Character is built one habit at a time, one Virtue at a time.

Virtues should inspire one, challenge one, raise one up, give one hope. Its element of the human spirit, the truest expression of one’s soul, the essence of authentic success!

Our goal is to give the girls the ability to increase their character.  Quality of one’s lives is most powerfully changed when one grows in character and growing in virtue is the work of their lives.  

We see each girl as a whole; healthy body, virtuous soul, and growth mindset. 

We aim to build each one of these elements to the degree that God has created them for!

We do this by teaching them running skills and coordinate an empowerment tool with virtue.


Is an enrichment program for girls of all fitness levels.

We use traditional running games and drills into powerful virtuous life lessons.

Parents will know when their girls are with us, they are getting a great workout and building strength of character. 

Contact us if you would like more information about bringing this program to your area.

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